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TYPE3 Software Gateway in CATIA®

Bring other CAD capabilities to CATIA®

CAD Designers develop their sharpest skills by learning not one but various Designs Software. With so many solutions available and so many capabilities, it is now easy to also import them into CATIA® using the TYPE3 Gateway. PDF vectors, EPS and AI can now be copied/pasted within your CATparts allowing a direct usage of formats which used to be impossible to deal with CATIA®.

Wrapping Text in CATIA

Work in any CAD and on Vectors

Wherever your vector line comes, you can import them in one of the TYPE3 Solutions and directly influence their shape and quality prior to incorporated them in your CATparts.

Projecting Text in CATIA

Imports in TYPE3 Software

In TYPE3 Software you can retrieve your vectors and perfect them using the nodes editor. Once ready copy/paste them to CATIA® in a snap.

CAD insertion in CATIA

Gateway Copy/Paste in TYPE3-CAA

The copy/paste can be applied back and forth within the Gateway allowing adding the little touch needed to perfect logos, their positions and improve your creativity.

Copy/Paste made into TYPE3-CAA

Example of imported designs from other CAD in CATIA®


"Our company designs logos and homemade fonts in CATIA’s 2D modules. TYPE3-CAA transforms logos or images received in AI or EPS directly into CATIA vectors. TYPE3-CAA also allows us to use special fonts directly. We gained global control of the whole process internally at a very reasonable price."

David Frotlum

Fingsheidt - Germany


Now test it yourself for 30 Days.

Download TYPE3-CAA directly on your computer and start writing text in your CATparts.


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